Human Design Reading with Krisha Young

What would you do if you were given the User's Manual for YOU?


How would it finally feel to:

Understand who you actually are and who you are not

Make decisions correctly

Allow your life purpose to unfold naturally

Greatly improve the quality of your relationships and attract the right kind of partnerships


Human design is a comprehensive tool I use to help people find out who they truly are, how best to use their energy, to make decisions, to find their purpose and live a fully expressed life.


Isn't it time to be FREE TO BE YOU?


This session helps you:

  • Understand your Type, Strategy and Authority in detail and apply it to your life with real world examples for your life and career.
  • Gain clarity on how to work with your energy.
  • Learn how to use your unique design to attract and magnetize the perfect opportunities and people into your life.
  • How to eliminate resistance and fear that leads to frustration, anger, bitterness and disappointment.
  • Understand how to better communicate with your loved ones based on their design elements.

How it works:

  • 90 Minute Digital session over Zoom in a sacred container of confidentiality and support for you to reveal the true you in a safe space.
  • The session is recorded so you can watch over again so you can integrate, practice and allow the pieces to integrate over time.
  • 5 days of continued high-level accountability and support having me as your Coach "in your back pocket" - access to questions after the initial session via your preferred messaging app. 
  • Book your session now using the link!

Are you finding yourself in your own way of the life you desire?

  • Do you self-sabotaging habits frustrate you? If only you knew how to stop it!

  • Are you looking for more thriving and flow instead of frustration and stuck-ness?


What if the reason why is because you are not prioritizing yourself and taking action in a way that leverages your natural strengths and way of being in the world?


It is easy to get trapped in trying to follow what everyone else is doing and 'proven' formulas and blueprints. But what has worked for others may not work for you.


Learn how to make better decisions, learn how to communicate your needs and leverage your natural strengths by following your unique Design with this in-depth, personalized Human Design reading!


Let's create your own personal BLUEPRINT that will give you the insight into WHY things are only bumping along and how you CAN thrive, feel powerful, full of energy and resilient and take action in a way that garners bigger, more sustainable results.


Allow me to guide you towards your personal Type, Strategy and Authority (no more making decisions and regretting them!)

Because we BOTH know you want more:


🔑 Clarity and direction

🔑 To build unstoppable confidence

🔑 To feel joyful, passionate and full of energy

🔑 To learn how to stay focused and on track


A mix of intelligent, no-bullshit, common sense strategies mixed with deep intuitive insights, accountability, and real-world language - I am here to support you in this next phase of growth!


My PASSION is to help people Be Bold in your quest for the BIG goals, Be Free to live your life & business the way you desire and Be Transformed into the Ascended Human you already know you are inside!

Whatcha get:


✔️ Welcome package and detailed instructions


✔️ Introductory Human Design Analysis based on your current needs and struggles


✔️ A 90 minute live, private consultation session (over Zoom)


✔️ Awaken into your vision for life and business (and love!)


✔️ Awareness of your self-sabotages, how to make better decisions & trust your intuition


✔️ Abundance Strategies to attract the best possible clients, opportunities, friends and lovers into your life


Includes added bonuses:


✔️HEAD TO FLOW: 10 Ways to get out of your head and into flow guide


✔️ The busy person's guide to finding time to take care of YOU, when you have NO TIME!


How Does It Work?


Step 1 - Click any of the buttons on this page and once you’ve registered, you’ll be directed to schedule in your date. Upon booking you will be sent a welcome email with next steps!


Step 2 - Once I receive the information I requested from you in Step 1, I will come prepared to our call with a step-by step blueprint of who you are, how you’re designed to thrive, what your gifts are to give, your profit leaks, your strengths and the areas we need to look at leveraging more so that you can go out and CRUSH your business and live your best life.


Step 3 - We get on our Zoom call and review your unique design, and you get to ask me all the things! No question is off limits. You will walk away with tangible action steps you can take immediately.


Step 4 - Following our session we will keep in touch with you to ensure you’re following through on your plan - cause, you know, #accountability.

What some of my past clients are saying about their session:


With Krisha’s insights and coaching style combined with this human design.. you can discover how to flow through life powerfully while staying TRUE to yourself!!

It was such a relief to understand that I am not the one to go looking for manifesting...  to trust my intuition when making life decisions!!

The Success Strategy and authority (Decision Making Matrix) really were impactful. That I have emotional authority and should wait to respond is so helpful. It is interesting to reflect and realize that when I've naturally done that it does work out better.  Do it, you'll learn so much about yourself and Krisha is such a great guide!

I would tell my friends that this is a must do! It is so spot on and offers a deeper understanding in both personal and career aspects of life.


I understand now that I do have a bigger purpose and I am moving towards it. I know I need to take steps to find my gift and use it. Everyone that wants to understand themselves better needs to do this.



There are no cheap, 5-step “this worked for me so now it has to work for you”, or “do it my way or you will fail” or “if you’re not getting results it’s because your mindset is shit” tactics (believe me, I have heard all of that and then some!).


You will gain insights into who YOU are and how you are meant to roll, and run your business for max profitability and know how to focus your time and attention to make the best use of your limited time.


Wherever you are stuck, this Back to You Bundle will give you the practical tools to Be Bold, Be Free and Transform yourself into the woman who fearlessly commands more from life!

About Krisha


Krisha is a world changer. She serves at a very high level, with people who are open to their unlimited human potential and want to have their lives mean something spectacular. She speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of coaching and investing in her own expansion, and her gift will do nothing less than blow your mind.


Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have global impact. She will support you in your expansion, through the challenges of growth to the joys of feeling fully alive when you consciousness shifts and expands.


She is a mom of two boys, a world traveller, a lover of really good food, and FREEDOM is her number one value, Love and Integrity following closely behind...what are yours?

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