Tantric Masturbation & Lovemaking to Manifest

Orgasmic Consciousness

Get out of your overthinking mind and into your body to tap into the energy of the universe.

Learn to "edge" or "withhold" your climax to take your pleasure to the next level.

Using Orgasm as a way to deepen your own self love, confidence, connect to your body more, manifest your purpose and desires and even become a better lover.

Whatcha get:

How to use Orgasm/masturbation as a path towards self-love, confidence and purpose fulfillment.


I've been using this as a practice in my life to manifest amazing stuff and to deepen the love of myself, and to awaken my body's wisdom (all our answers are in our body).


You'll get an interactive audio session plus two powerful meditations, bonus audio & video content. 


All of it is gentle, loving (and occasionally explicit) and designed to help you get more in touch with yourself, the feeling of abundance and flow, your body and the absolute power of utilizing the sensations of sensuality to deepen your connection to yourself and your purpose - and to manifest like a mofo.


It's designed for both men or women, regardless of your sexual orientation.


If you are open to have some fun and use this training as a way for you to expand your self-love, your consciousness, abundance and unlock your life's path, then grab this training now!


Meantime - let's get your body into a place of really receiving love and into alignment and that starts with YOU.

What people are saying about Krisha's programs:


With Krisha’s insights and coaching style combined with orgasmic consciousness... you can discover how to flow through life powerfully while staying TRUE to yourself!!

It was such a relief to understand that I am not the one to go looking for manifesting...  to trust my intuition when making life decisions!!

The Success Strategy and authority (Decision Making Matrix) really were impactful. That I have emotional authority and should wait to respond is so helpful. It is interesting to reflect and realize that when I've naturally done that it does work out better.  Do it, you'll learn so much about yourself and Krisha is such a great guide!

I would tell my friends that this is a must do! It is so spot on and offers a deeper understanding in both personal and career aspects of life.

I understand now that I do have a bigger purpose and I am moving towards it. I know I need to take steps to find my gift and use it. Everyone that wants to understand themselves better needs to do this.

Don't waste time spinning your wheels - get deeper insights and faster results with this targeted audio training.

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