Are you ready to awaken into who you really are?

The world of Human Design is definitely complex to say the least. But when you can come to understand it, you will begin to uncover your own personal blueprint, including your personal strengths, weaknesses, and how to harness your greatest assets to the utmost degree.


Human Design can help you to uncover your next steps in life, build your confidence and self worth, improve your relationships and communication skills, and completely up-level your career. 


You just need to learn how to read & understand your own personal chart.


Inside this self-led course, I'm going to walk you through a step-by-step introduction to the fascinating and life enhancing world of Human Design. 


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  • 8 Video Modules With Krisha That Will Walk You Through a Complete Introduction To Human Design

    1. WTF Is Human Design? An Introduction Video
    2. I've Got My Chart...Now What? How To Read Your Own Chart
    3. Hey Baby...what's Your Type? Discovering Your Human Design Type
    4. How To Make Better Decisions According To Your HD Type
    5. How To Best Communicate For Your Type
    6. How Human Design Can Help You Have Harmonious Relationships
    7. How Human Design Can Help You Avoid Burnout
    8. How Human Design Can Help You Understand Your Self Sabotages 
    9. BONUS: What To Expect From A Professional Human Design Reading With Krisha
  • Your Digital Human Design Journal

    This is where we'll start!! This epic digital journal will walk you through the course step-by-step so you know exactly where to get started on your journey toward understanding Human Design & your personal chart.

  • A Guide To Help You Best Communicate For Your Energy Type

    Once you learn your Human Design Energy Type, this guide will dive even deeper into how to best communicate. This will help you to strengthen your relationships and up-level in your business & career too! 

  • Learn More About Your Specific Energy Type

    Inside this course you'll discover your personal energy type which will help you to really hone on in your strengths, uncover your sabotages and better understand who you are and what you're meant to do. 

Regular Price is $199


take those sabotages and turn them into your superpowers, and turn your fears into fuel!



on why you struggle with shiny objects and willpower, and how to best communicate so that people really get you and want to buy from you.



to make better decisions & to finally trust your intuition and leverage it to get results faster and with less resistance.



 to be more in alignment with your purpose & passion, and how you're meant to serve in the world using your own personal blueprint (not someone else’s!)

Krisha Young

Certified Human Design Reader

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