There is a certain type of woman...a woman so memorable she stops you in your tracks. 


She is magnetic, and radiates a mysterious, beautiful energy...


With just a glance, or the tiniest burst of her contagious smile, she leaves a lasting impression...


It doesn't even seem to matter what she is wearing or doing...she is remarkable even when she isn't trying...or does she somehow do that on purpose? 


You can't quite put your finger on it. 


Maybe she is channeling an old school movie star, the way people seem drawn to her, enthralled by her charms.


Perhaps she has access to some insider information about how to be incredibly feminine and just...GODDESS-Y?


Of course you admire her...yet you're also left wondering what YOU are missing. You secretly wonder, "What has she got that I don't?"


Your Dark Goddess asks: How you can both admire someone and eat your heart out about what they have going on, all at the same time...? 






If you are not owning your full Feminine Essence, it doesn't feel good! This can manifest in many ways, such as:


  • You are working too hard, at work and/or at home, and you are burned out and exhausted


  • You feel unattractive and unsexy, shut down or 'less than' physically, and your sex life suffers


  • You have some secrets nobody knows about. And it's making you feel sick, you want to change but aren't sure how.


  • You feel on edge, snap at your kids, and are not living as the kind, loving woman you know you are inside


  • You have pervasive self doubt and lack the self-confidence you desire


  • The voice in your head is unkind. You compare yourself to others relentlessly, on social media and in person


  • You defer your power, and look to outside sources for validation or affirmation


  • You feel the need to look and/or be 'perfect' or meet standards that are not your own


  • When you see a woman in her full feminine power, you feel pangs (ok, stabs) of jealousy, and wish things came that 'easily' to you


  • You wish you could shine like that, but it makes you uncomfortable 




The truth is, each of us has access to this sacred Feminine Energy naturally, and the world NEEDS us to be in full, glorious ownership of it.


So, how can YOU get some of that...BE more of that?


The answers might surprise you. 


We know this, because I ASKED THE SAME QUESTIONS, until I found the answers for myself.





I'm Krisha Young, and just three short years ago I journeyd from being deeply unhappy, unfulfilled and resentful woman, to being fully embodied in what I now know is my 'full goddess' energy.


I was thrilled to find answers to why I felt the way I did and began this process of ascension into our natural birthright as females, and I embodied it so thoroughly.




It turns out I had similar experiences that brought me to a turning point, and from there it was a path of deep seeking and learning about this phenomenon.


Each of us had come across a woman in our own lives who was SO lit up, so in her element as a woman, that she instantly redefined for us what it meant to be female. 


She seemed to graciously glide through life, in full command of herself.


I watched her; she laughed easily, and shared loving, positive energy with everyone she met, yet she drew beautiful, powerful boundaries for herself, expressing her truth clearly and unapologetically. She seemed to 'have her way' with life, and people were absolutely delighted in her presence.


She was RADIANT. Magnetic. Fascinating. 


Here was a new power we had not seen before. And I WANTED it.





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    I aam living in such alignment with my truest self that we I longer have time to consider what another woman may have that I don't ~ I am too busy being delighted by life, and each spectacular moment I get to enjoy!


    I deeply, fully own this essence I was once so struck by.


    I feel connected to the radiant life force inside me, and all around me.


    In my experience, when you ignite and fan the flames of your sacred feminine truth, it is like witnessing a phoenix rising from the ashes.


    The ashes in this case are all the beliefs,  'shoulds,' lies, compromises and misplaced obligations and that are burned away, revealing the stunning beauty and power of your natural state.


    For me, embracing that which is deeply feminine in me has healed my heart, and allowed for many unexpected gifts:


    *Inner Peace and Outer Harmony*

    *Deepest Moment-to-moment Gratitude*

    *Profound Self-love*

    *Effervescent JOY*

  name but a few!





    The world NEEDS females to understand and embody their true nature ~ it is time to awaken to your own magnificence. 


    If your own feminine essence is calling to you, buried somewhere deep inside, I am here to help you summon this energy forth and breathe life into the woman you are meant to become.


    Fulfilling your unique potential as a woman is a gift to this world, and the whispering voice within you is an invitation to your destiny.


    Are You IN?


    Be prepared to:


    ~ LOVE yourself so radically that it transforms your entire worldview ~


    ~ FEEL gorgeous from the inside out, and radiate effortless elegance ~


    ~ ADORE your beautiful body and know exactly what it wants and needs ~


    ~ Feel exquisitely comfortable in your own skin, and REVEL in your senses ~


    ~ DELIGHT yourself and your chosen lover/s with passion, connection and intimacy ~


    ~ Live in deep presence and FLOW, and watch MAGIC show up ~


    ~ Handle life's challenges with GRACE and confidence ~


    ~ Know and speak your TRUTH and desires unapologetically ~


    ~ Attract ideal opportunities, the passionate LOVE you deserve, and anything else you may wish to experience ~


    ~ Live with sparkling JOY every day, and wonder how you ever lived without it ~


    ~ Actually step into BEING the loving change you wish to see in the world ~



    ALL of this is available to you, when you answer the beckoning of your heart and soul. 


    Your power lies in truly being the magnificent woman you were born to be. Unapologetically. Gorgeously, for all to see.


    We are ready when you are ~ join us!



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    Meet Krisha

    Krisha is a world changer. She serves at a very high level, with people who are open to their unlimited human potential and want to have their lives mean something spectacular.

    Krisha Young


    She speaks a unique language of transformation developed through years of coaching and investing in her own expansion, and her gift will do nothing less than blow your mind.


    Krisha does not play small, and she will share with you what YOUR unique gifts are and how you can best use and develop them to have global impact.


    She will support you in your expansion, through the challenges of growth to the joys of feeling fully alive when your consciousness shifts and expands.


    With deep alignment to their own expanding truths, she offers clients, both in group settings and private packages, a lifeline into worlds of happiness and impact that had only been glimpsed in dreams. She lives into it and then she guides others. She serves so deeply that the only result, when a client is as invested as she is, is complete transformation.


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    We do not offer legal advice, and we will never tell you what to do. We will support you in gaining clarity and full alignment in your choices.